Olive oil may be the only cooking oil that offers flavor, versatility and health advantages. Here are a few health benefits of olive oil.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive is a small tree species that belongs to the Oleceae family. The oil is obtained from this tree. Just like the other cooking oil types include lard, coconut oil and palm oil, olive oil has high fat level. Like a cooking ingredient, olive oil may be the only cooking oil that offers flavor, versatility and health advantages. It is not only great for people when cooked or ingested, it is also found in a variety of cosmetic products, for example soap and shampoo.

Olive oil is the greatest fat to use as a salad dressing. Because olive oil is so rich in good fats, and people fats are so good for levels of cholesterol, it should come as no surprise that olive oil is healthy for your heart. Olive oil is divided into several types based on the way it’s processed. Extra virgin may be the healthiest because it is less processed.Here are a few health benefits of olive oil :

Cholesterol and Heart Health

Regardless of the drama surrounding the use of oils and fats, these things are an essential part of the balanced eating plan. The key is to select your fats wisely. Olive oil is one of the healthiest types of fat around. The monounsaturated fat in olive oil has been shown to control LDL (bad) cholesterol and lift HDL (good) cholesterol. This could potentially lower your risk of heart disease.

For Weight Loss

Drinking olive oil to lose weight is a good option when compared to following any diet regime. The diets make us control our taste buds in order to lose weight, which most people cannot do. But, drinking olive oil to lose weight does not have any such restrictions and therefore achieving the ideal weight gets easier.

Skin Moisturizing

Olive oil has been known for generations not just for its internal healing qualities but additionally as a natural, deep penetration moisturizer, regenerating skin cells and softening the tissue. Olive oil is the preferred grade for moisturizing your skin care and can prove quite beneficial, as it is rich in all kinds of nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that are great for the body, whether you decide to eat it, or apply it to your skin.


The insightful antioxidants present in olive oil keeps your immune system strong and protects you against a host of diseases. None of the oils have such antioxidant properties like the olive oil. So, choose olive olive oil for all your baking and cooking needs and you’ll experience a healthy weight loss that can make you strong from within and shapely externally.

For Oily Skin

Although it may seem strange, olive oil can help eliminate the skin of excess oil. Blackheads, acne, cysts along with other blemishes that occur with excessively oily skin could be rid of with the application of olive oil. Olive oil helps oily skin in 2 ways. It deep cleans your skin and washes out dirt along with other impurities and helps balance natural oil production of the skin.

Cancer Prevention

Olive oil have high rate of antioxidants, the substances that combat cancer. A fatty acid, monounsaturated fat, can also be what is contained in olive oil. It is stated that it helps suppressed a gene that’s responsible for more than 25% of breast cancer.

Benefits of Olive Oil

Benefits of Olive Oil

Digestion Aids

Olive oil also promotes the general nutrients absorption, while the system of digestion is helped to operate more efficiently. Its high-content of oleic acid, olive oil is extremely well tolerated by the stomach.

Treating Upset Stomach and Heartburns

Treating heartburn and upset stomach is another benefit of olive oil. Because the ancient times, it has been helping people treating flatulence, heartburn and upset stomach. In an empty stomach each morning, taking olive oil on one tablespoon can help relieve heartburn and flatulence and calm an upset stomach.