Palm oil, and in particular oil has been renowned for its health benefits.

Palm oil has a pretty bad reputation. The merchandise of this hard-shell red fruit, harvested mainly on plantations in Southeast Asia, is usually used as cheap cooking oil for fried foods like noodles and curry puffs. Indeed, when the palm oil is processed, a lot of its nutritional value is destroyed. And also the fact that it can congeal at 70 degrees makes it even look extra artery clogging.

Palm Oil

Palm Oil

Palm oil, an element of the vegetable oil family, is actually the nutrition-packed beneficial fat source that may supply number of health benefits towards the body. Palm oil is a rich source of saturated fatty acids and natural chemical substances but it is good for the general health and nutrition.

Palm oil has been well-known because of its nutritional health benefits, which is obtained from the fruit from the palm tree and should not be perplexed with palm kernel oil that prepared in the palm kernel. Palm oil is a natural source of vitamin E & carotenoids along with fatty acids and other essential fat-soluble micronutrients. Palm oil is much healthier oil in the unrefined form than any hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Health Benefits of Palm Oil

Good Vision

Carotenoids in palm oil promote good vision and are particularly great for boosting night vision. Beta-carotene has the potential to be transformed into vitamin A, which helps using the production of rhodopsin, the night vision pigment within the retina of the eye.

Excellent Dietary Energy Source

Like other common edible fats and oils, palm oil is easily digested, absorbed and found in normal metabolic processes. It plays a good role in meeting energy and essential fatty acid needs in lots of regions of the world.

Palm Oil Nutrition

The health benefits of palm oil are mainly related to its very high beta-carotene content. It has 14g of fat per tablespoon, 33% which is saturated fat, and that’s why palm oil, like coconut oil is solid at 70 degrees. It is a rich source of vitamin E.

Toxin Protection

Palm oil is rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that can help in protecting the body against diseases like cancer, blood disorders, helping maintains healthy skin and boosts fertility

Health Benefits of Palm Oil

Health Benefits of Palm Oil

Healthier Cooking Oil

Although palm is contains some saturated fats, it is actually one of the most stable and healthiest oils to prepare with. It does not denature or spoil at high temperatures like the majority of other vegetable oils do and it is suitable for frying.

Cancer Prevention

Carotenoids have been discovered to offer protection against certain cancers, namely bladder, cervix, colon, prostate and lung cancers.

Lung Health

Beta-carotene can help protect the lungs from disease and research indicates that people with emphyseama have vitamin A deficiencies.